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 The most beautiful village in Japan 

 Spending time in #Haramura 


 Haramura is a highland village that spreads out on a gentle slope at the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake. There are few mountains and valleys, and from the village you can see the magnificent scenery of the Yatsugatake mountain range to the east, Mt. Tateshina to the north, the Northern Alps to the northwest, Lake Suwa and Mt. A 360-degree panorama spreads out before you.

 Due to the large temperature difference between day and night and a high percentage of sunny days, the cultivation of fresh vegetables and brightly colored flowers that last for a long time is also popular.

 Along with the view of the majestic Yatsugatake mountains that change with the seasons, the rural scenery spreads out at the foot of the mountain.The landscape is reminiscent of Northern Europe, with pensions and villas in harmony with nature in the woods. You can enjoy nature with the air and all five senses.

 Jomon culture and historical sites such as the Aku ruins, religious beliefs such as shrines and temples, sea cucumber wall storehouses for storing rice and household goods, kote-e decorated with plaster, and rags used as weft threads. You can also enjoy events related to the stars and the universe, such as the rag weaving, the Onbashira festival and local festivals, as well as the star festival where astronomical fans from all over the country gather and the starry sky film festival revived by young people. ​

Quoted from "the most beautiful villages in japan Noreproduction"

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